Economic Developer Works with Atypical Startup

It all started a few months ago when I attended an Osceola Chamber Meeting. The Osceola Elementary LOGO students were pitching their business ideas as part of their participation in a program sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City Missouri. The kids had done quite a bit of research and I was impressed with their unique ideas. Especially since they were viable business ideas. It is interesting to note that both of the businesses pitched were tech businesses- which is not ordinarily the type of startups seen in our area.

The first business was a plan to attach tracking devices to arrows for hunters, so that they could locate their arrows after shooting them. The students hypothesized that they could also use the tracking devices for many other applications. The second business pitched, and this one really caught my eye was an app that showcased historical sites in the area and sold advertising to local businesses to turn a profit and increase tourism dollars. This business was in line with one of my goals for St. Clair County, so I decided to contact them.

After offering my assistance on a comment card, one of the students emailed me. After talking with their instructor, Cathy Colby I agreed to help them with a business plan in order to secure investment. Once the business plan is complete, I plan on working to help partially grant fund the business. Working with the students has been great because they are so enthusiastic and have a creative approach to the project.