St. Clair County is home to Truman Lake, the Sac and Osage Rivers and a vibrant ecosystem which creates many recreational and sightseeing opportunities. There is an abundance of wildlife here, it may be the best kept hunting and fishing secret around. 

In addition to the hunting and fishing there are many other things to do and see here. This area has a rich local history . Come tour our museums and learn about the Younger Brothers and Jesse James, the burning of Osceola during the civil war and how the area was settled as Americans moved ever more westward. 

The cities are hosts to a variety of local festivals, including "Music on Main" in Lowry City, the Annual Collins Pie Festival, the Appleton City Fair and Rodeo Daze festival & rodeo in  Osceola. 

Come tour Gordon's Orchard, take a hay ride out at Wisner's farm or pick your own pumpkins. Stop in Sugarfoot for local barbecue, or the Landmark restaurant for fried chicken. Don't forget to stop by Osceola Cheese or visit the many Amish Country stands. 

Do you fancy yourself a treasure hunter? St. Clair county is home to many Antique Malls and high quality Flea Markets. 

There is something here for everyone in the family to enjoy!