County Economic Developer Job Desscription

Nature of Work

Under the supervision of the Executive Director, the Economic Developer is responsible for the completion and implementation of comprehensive community plans and various economic development activities as they arise.  This position will directly assist the cities of their respective county as well as the county itself in daily duties necessary to provide the services of economic development to the county.  This job specification should not be construed to imply that these requirements are the exclusive standards of the position, as actual job duties vary on a regular basis.  The Economic Developer will follow any other instructions and perform any other related duties as may be required by the Executive Director of KBRPC or supervisory personnel.


Job Responsibilities

  • Coordination of local, state and federal resources in the development of community and economic development;
  • Developing and maintaining a close working relationship with state and federal agencies especially those involved in rural development, transportation, economics, telecommunications;
  • Development and oversight of city/county/regional plans.
  • Coordination of training and educational programs or workshops on relevant topics for local governments, businesses and industries in the area;
  • Working with businesses and local governments in the county for identification and preparation of loan and grant packages for federal and state programs;
  • Assisting with and overseeing the preparation of grant and loan applications for local governments and the administration of loan and grant programs for local governments;
  • Supervising, coordinating and assisting with the work and responsibilities of staff;
  • Coordinating efforts with staff, local officials, and community leaders in marketing the county and the preparation of programs to meet these goals;
  • Identifying specific needs within individual communities and the region as a whole and making recommendations and providing technical assistance to meet these needs;
  • Overseeing the administration of grants and loans to see that all federal and state guidelines are met, progress in a timely fashion, and maintain communication with the elected officials, engineers, contractors and industries;
  • Overseeing and Implementing revolving loan programs as available;
  • Coordinating efforts to assist local governments in financial and resource management, including, but not limited to joint purchasing efforts, development of personnel policies, job descriptions, draft ordinances, strategic and comprehensive planning and plans and guides to meet state and federal requirements;
  • Working with assigned staff to develop their skills and increase their knowledge and ability with a goal of handling increased responsibility;
  • Drafting, creating and assembling the components necessary to successfully apply for and implement new programs to meet city, county and regional needs;
  • Developing program budget information and tracking monthly budget information;
  • Coordinating with KBRPC staff to prepare budgets, reports and statistics needed for internal operations and grant reporting;
  • Marketing their county and KBRPC’s services and programs to local governments, organizations, chamber of commerce offices, etc, as necessary;
  • Keeping the Executive Director, City Administrators, and County Commissioners apprised in a timely manner of progress, accomplishments, problems or setbacks within daily duties;
  • Provide monthly updates to city councils within their county;
  • Maintain a professional character at all times;
  • Performance of any other task assigned.



Three years of relevant experience is preferred but not required.  Must possess a valid driver’s license.  Must possess the ability to work well with co-workers, all elected and non-elected local officials and the desire to work in a team atmosphere and ability to adapt to changing job requirements.


Physical Requirements

Constant use of hands and arms to type and write in order to complete necessary paperwork.  Must be able to drive and/or ride long distances; night time driving is necessary.  Must be able to converse by phone and in person with customers and clients.  Must be able to sit long periods of time.  Must be able to lift boxes of files to move them from one location to another.  Must be able to kneel to go through files in lower level cabinets.  Must be able to navigate rough, unimproved terrain to monitor projects.


Travel Requirements

On a daily basis, the Economic Developer will be required to travel within the areas of their county.  Once per week the Economic Developer will be required to travel to Clinton to the KBRPC home office.  On occasion, evening and overnight travel may be required as training and marketing events require.  Must provide own vehicle for transportation.  This position does require residency in the county within 6 months of hire.